you want your dog rehomed
If you do end up in a situation where you have absolutely no choice but to re-home your puppy or adult dog then please contact us. We only rehome Staffordsire Bull Terriers. If you have a different breed then contact another Rescue.

If you obtained your dog from a Breeder then you should contact the breeder. A good responsible Breeder will take back a dog they have bred at any point in it's life. Give them a call and ask for help. If the Breeder refuses to help you, then contact the Kennel Club and report the Breeder to them.

We have limited facilities for rehoming dogs, with limited space and limited Foster Carers. If you wish to have your dog re-homed, providing you are able to provide good care for your dog, they should remain with you until a suitable new home has been found. By remaining in familiar surroundings, this will cause less stress to your dog who may have a difficult time ahead adjusting to new people and places. We always have our dogs spayed and neutered so it would be beneficial if you would have your dog spayed or neutered before being given over to the Rescue.

In emergency cases we can arrange to take a dog into foster care.

you want to offer a home to a rescue dog
Not every Staffordshire Bull Terrier in our care is on our website, as some dogs may be subject to court cases. Please email us if you are interested in rehoming one of our dogs. We have dogs coming into our Rescue all the time and if we do not have what you are looking for, chances are that in the very near future we will have.

Some of our dogs are also being being nursed back to full health, being trained and also being socialised by our team of dedicated and experienced volunteers.

Importantly, ALL of our dogs are assessed in a family situation and with other dogs before being rehomed.

Animals cannot be reserved or rehomed by telephone or online.

Our rehoming fee is £150. Included in this cost are the following:

Initial vaccinations, flea and worming treatment and spaying / neutering
Doggie Pack
Access to our behaviour advice line, for continued advice and support

The following is a list of guidelines/rules for anyone considering rehoming one of our Staffordshire Bull Terriers:

The animal is put in your care on the condition that the following conditions are understood and adhered to.

If for any reason and at any time you are unable to keep the said dog, it must be returned to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue.

Under no circumstances may this animal be passed into other hands or destroyed without the permission of the SBT Rescue, unless, in a veterinary surgeon's opinion such a course is required on "Medical Grounds", in which case a certificate must be obtained.

The animal must be housed indoors or in accommodation approved by the SBT Rescue. The dog must be properly cared for and have qualified treatment provided in the case of illness or accident and have yearly inoculations.

At no time must the animal be allowed out without adult supervision or without a lead, unless being exercised in an open space under close supervision. The dog must wear a disc showing your name, address and/or telephone number.

An authorised member of the SBT Rescue must be allowed to visit your home if deemed necessary, at a convenient time, to ensure the animal is happy and settled and if in the opinion of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue the terms of the agreement are not being adhered to, that person may without interference repossess the animal.

If the animal is lost or stolen, you must inform the SBT Rescue immediately.

The dog will have been microchipped prior to homing and the new owner's name and address will be on the computer database. In the event of a change of address, or the death of the animal, the new owner should contact Petlog as indicated in the microchipping documents.

You should not leave the animal unsupervised at any time when there are children present.

We strongly recommend that you take out third party liability insurance. Your House Insurance Policy may include this so enquire at the Company which insures your house.

If you require any further information or have any questions at all, please contact::

Finally, we thank you for considering one of our dogs in our Rescue, for rehoming.

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